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DFW Build Remodel has Performed Insurance Roof and Reconstruction Claims as follows: 1988 Whittier CA, Earth Quake • 1989 Sierra Madre CA, Earth Quake • 1993 Malibu CA, Fires • 1994 North Ridge, Earth Quake 2005 New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina • Houston, Hurricane Ike • 2009 Oklahoma City, Dallas, Texas, Hail Storms we are based in Dallas!

DFW Build Remodel is a (20YR) Master Technician in Roofing • Insurances Restoration • Building • Reconstruction Carpentry • Concrete • Foundations Masonry • Paint • Drywall • Flooring • Structural Work • Blue Prints • Estimator • Planner • City and State, government permitting and regulations process. DFW Build Remodel takes great pride in being a problem solver with planned preventions in place. Orchestrating Roofing and Reconstruction projects from conception to completion with minimum interruptions.


DFW Build Remodel Roofing standard Inclusions Below

    A. Install new 30 year non-impact shingles, underlayment, flashing.

    B. Paint all vents same color as roof, Silicone, Clean up daily, including debris removal. (Includes 1 & 2 story homes that have walk able pitches.)

    C. Clean all Roof Gutters.

    D. Standard New Roof labor workmanship warranty 5 years.

We also handle all Reconstruction Claims A-Z

In many situations the insurance adjuster who visits the fire, hail, water damaged property is not, nor has ever been, a Roofing contractor. For this reason the policyholder is now faced with an insurance company estimate that is missing many repair items, or the item prices are lower. As a result, the insurance company’s estimate and the contractor’s estimate is thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars off. In reality, most insurance adjusters take classes to learn about insurance policies – and classes to lean about building materials… but have never been a roofer, carpenter, painter, or carpet installer. They have very little or absolutely no hands-on experience, no on-the-job experience, or any experience with the materials or procedures they are estimating.

Insurance companies make some policyholders believe that they must use “Insurance Company Approved” contractors to repair or replace their property (home, building, furniture, clothing, etc.). The truth is; you can use whomever you wish. It does not have to be the lowest price either. You choose who you feel most comfortable with, period. Now, the insurance company has the right to negotiate an agreed price with your contractor or review the estimate. They realize that the costs are being paid by the insurance company and not directly from the owner.

In reality, most insurance adjusters take classes to learn about insurance policies and classes to learn about insurance estimating software… but have never been a roofer, carpenter, painter, framer or carpet installer. They lack the hands-on experience and knowledge of a person who has many years experience repairing or replacing such damages. It’s easy to see how the dispute arises with Hail, Fire, Water insurance claims.

If a dispute arises there is a clause in most insurance policies called Appraisal. The insurance appraisal clause is usually a new term to most policyholders. However, more and more policyholders find themselves disagreeing with their insurance company adjuster’s estimate of their fire damage claims. Those who do; should educate themselves on the insurance appraisal clause, how to use it, when to use it, and why to use it. For many fire claims the only available option to resolve a dispute is the clause buried in the “Conditions” or “What to do after a loss,” sections of their policy.

It’s called The Appraisal Clause – also know as The Appraisal Provision.

Many homeowners do not even realize their homes are damaged because it’s not always obvious. To find out whether or not your roof has been damaged by these storms, you’ll need a qualified roof inspector to perform an inspection of your property. They should go onto your roof and closely inspect the shingles, flashing’s, gutters and collars.

What Are Potential Effects of Hail Damage?

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