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Plan A Traditional Contracting for Home, Commercial Builds & Remodels

(Design & Build Process)

Design & Build gives you the design, planning, pricing, coordination and construction all from one source. A much better option than finding out later it’s going to cost you more then you planned!


Decide what you absolutely need in your new home or space.

(Establish A Budget)

(Steps to a Successful Home Building / Remodeling Experience) Our process is somewhat different than you may be used to. We integrate all of the steps to provide you with a turn key project, incorporating process designed for success. The process requires good communication, honest, integrity on all sides; after all we spend a good amount of time together during the course of planning. Then we get to work with Preparation and Construction of the improvements to your Home or Building. We take that very seriously!

(Some Final Thoughts)

We are always amazed at the horror stories that happen to good people purely because they were looking for the “Best price and not necessarily the Best Contractor to fit their project.” When you walk into an Attorney’s, Doctor’s, Dentist’s, or Accountant’s office you expect to pay for Professional services you receive. “Why then wouldn’t you want a Professional Contractor working with you to improve one of your largest investments, your Home or Building?”

We have the experience, knowledge, and “Commitment” to professionally design, plan and build the project of your dreams.

Give us a call and judge for yourself. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Plan B Value Engineering
Fix Cost Construction Project Management
New Homes • Commercial • Multi-Family • Hotels • Resorts • Condominiums Subdivisions • Remodels

Construction Management / Consultant that Saves 10%-30% by removing the Profit & Overhead cost Including Owner Flexibility with controlled cost.

Value engineering: Is a systematic method to improve the “value” of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Value, as defined, is the ratio of function to cost. Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost with Plan B services.

Plan B built new apartments in Irving TX $2,550,000 saved client over ($375-K)   

Build your new home or business with us from conception to completion and acquire 10%-30% equity once completed due to not paying the G.C.- Profit & Overhead additional cost added to your project.

Owner’s Representation

General Duties of the Construction Project Manager AKA P.M.

P.M. First order of business, P.M. shall get to know the project, work and provide  a market value cost break down including actively solicit bids from certain sub-contractors and perform a job walks with certain subcontractors as required to receive their estimates and provide allowance sections for finish fixtures.

P.M. Shall assist in pre-construction items, permits, planning, mobilization, site work.

P.M. Shall compile a project estimate-cost market budget sheet that typically takes 3-4 weeks or more to compile depending on the work scope-cost etc., then apply allowance cost sections per line items for owner to review before construction commences and contracts are awarded to subcontractors on behalf of the owner-contractor’s benefit. Owner may as well solicitate cost for project and submit to P.M. for review and or use. 

P.M. Shall keep a spread sheet on all subcontractors’ contracts, payments, info and shall inspect their work, approve and or disapprove payments to subcontractors.

P.M. Agrees to draft contracts for subcontractors, vendors etc. on behalf of owner with owner’s acceptance including owner reviewing contract awards being sent to subcontractor to obtain their services for said project.   

All construction shall be completed in a workman like manner, and shall comply with all applicable national, state and local building codes and laws. Includes building the structure and any site.

All construction shall be performed by appropriately licensed individuals to perform their said work, as outlined by state regulations.   

All construction shall be in accordance to the provisions of the plans and specifications, all systems shall be in good working order. 

General Post Construction:

·    Determine final completion, Punch list’s, close out job.

·    Local Building department or authority certificate of compliance and or occupancy.

·    Copies of lien waivers. 

·    Assimilation of all warranties to Owner.

·    Assimilation of final punch-list and execution for all contractors, etc.

·   Completion of close-out documents.


  • P.M. provides leadership in initial planning stage by collaborating with clients, architects, engineers, and or other involved parties; develops detailed description of jobs and materials  necessary to complete project.
  • Schedules, coordinates projects in logical steps and budgets the time necessary to meet each deadline.
  • Ensures adherence to the project and, when unexpected complications or issues arise, makes quick and necessary adjustments.
  • Plans, coordinates, organizes, oversees, and directs activities regarding the construction and maintenance of assigned structures, facilities, and systems.
  • Ensures safety standards and guidelines are followed on the jobsite and that all safety codes are met in the construction contracts.
  • Oversees contract negotiations, revisions, additions and adherence by all parties.
  • Collaborates with clients, supervisory staff, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve problems, including work procedures, complaints, and construction or design issues.
  • Manages and leads actions that are necessary due to delays, bad weather, or emergencies at construction sites.
  • Develops and maintains good working relationships with a variety of people, including owners, managers, designers, supervisors, tradespersons, vendors.
  • P.M. Services also available out of State.

Commercial • Residential

Client – Contractor, Protect the Owner’s interest by assisting them in selecting and securing qualified architectural, engineering and construction services. Put forth preventive medicine by both asking and answering questions to reduce any time delays or cost over runs. Keep an open dialogue with all parties involved, public and private, to keep projects moving forward towards a successful completion!

Investor – Provide detailed conceptual estimates and budgetary numbers in a line item format for projects ranging in work scope from paint and carpet, tenant move outs to ground up retail centers. The information required to generate most estimates will usually consist of a simple’s site / space plan, total square footage, basic finish schedule, building use and existing photos.

We Schedule, Coordinate, Supervise all trades and implement quality control as well as having a fiduciary responsibility with a tenacious work ethic for our clients and their projects acting as the liaison between you and the Subcontractors and or others in involved in said project in order to protect your best interest from making premature payments during the project progress and to insure that you receive written contracts, warranties as required. This raises the Owners comfort level and increases the control by the Owner, which produces results in the highest quality level and cost efficiency for the Owner.

As a professional Building-Remodeling Contractor with over 25 years experience success in Turning Lead into Gold in the construction industry from Residential Home Building • Remodeling • Additions • Complex projects • Planning • Commercial Tenant Improvements • Building shells • Building plans • Disaster Sites.

Free estimates can get you in trouble due to many factors such as, if you are depending on this (information) to make an informed financial decision and if the resource you are dealing with is not getting paid for their time due many factors, such as if no detailed plan is available and or the project is lacking all itemized information, proper planning that is needed, unknowns, work scopes, ambiguous gray areas or you are only considering buying the property why would they dedicate the proper time & attention needed for your project in order to give you a realistic professional effort that benefits you?

Plan B shall not compromise the integrity of said project & budget. Why pay retail when you can have it for wholesale without missing a beat. Once plans have been produced, work scopes, estimated cost for said project then we can give you an estimated fixed fee to manage job. 

Home Building * Subdivisions * New Tenant Improvements * Large Construction Projects.

Plan B Fixed Cost Verse – Typical Cost Plus & Contracting P.O.

Fixed price encourages a Builder, General Contractor to take the most economic route possible for the client without sacrificing the integrity of the project.

Cost plus could encourage a Builder, General Contractor to the most expensive route possible in order to make more profits compared to Plan B Project Project Management fixed low price.

Fixed price makes the most sense in budget builds where every detail is spelled out and is transparent for the client. Call for rates for your project. All projects are evaluated for proper construction management pricing.      

Cost Plus agreements average 15%-30% on top of build cost.
Plan B Fixed Cost saves average of 10%-30% by removing the profit and overhead cost on projects including a fiduciary duty to client.

Our Commercial & Residential Pre-Construction Permit Consultant service includes permit coordination for owners and we are skilled and wear many hats in this field in order to navigate through the city’s red tape maze. 

We work with the owner’s architect, engineering firm, energy requirements, energy calculations, plan design and or asbestos, mold testing, MEP, city planners, permit building dept as necessary, consultant shall deliver plans to city for initial permitting including any meetings with city officials as required including picking up plans from city once completed and ready for final submittal.

The permit consultant-coordinator stays in communication with the reviewers throughout the review process and distributes comments to the design team and or client. This is done weekly to ensure the client is up to date on the progress of approvals, denials or items on hold. This creates a quicker turn around to get a complete approval on the permit.

Many hours of hard work are put into getting plans prepared for building permit approvals from engineers and design teams. It is the permit consultant coordinator’s job to get all their work successfully submitted for building permit approval and communicate the design team’s message to the City correctly. We take pride in providing our clients the best service in the industry and smooth coordination with the City for expedited plans.

Recently completed a pre-construction build cost, permit fees, planning for Denton, TX Townhomes at $13,094,000 market value. 


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